Monday, August 29, 2016


Sheila entered the living room still toweling her hair dry when she noticed Hank and Bill at the door.
Hank turned. His eyes said everything. Sheila's heart dropped to her feet, her hand covered her mouth, and she waited for the next hammer to fall. Bill's eye's offered an apology, but Hank's eyes were full of condemnation. Hank took the pair of pink panties from Bill, closed the door, and handed Sheila her underwear. Then he picked up his still unpacked suitcase and left the cabin.
Sheila raced after him once she allowed herself to take a breath. "Please, please let me explain."
"What's to explain? You had sex with a stranger because I was late."
Sheila cried a river of tears. She clasped his arm with both hands and begged him. "It's … Oh, God! Please understand. I've looked forward to this night for over a month. I've dreamed of your touch. God, I just wanted you so bad, and I thought you wanted me. I was angry, hurt, and drunk. I'm sorry. So very, very sorry. Please forgive me, please. I love you."
Hank stopped seemed to be caught off guard. He put his hands on hers to remove them from his arm, and said, "What did you say?"
"I love you," she whispered with hope.
Hank hung his head. Tears filled his eyes. "I've wanted you to say that for weeks. But now, after this –"
"You love me too?" she said with surprise. "Oh my God! You do!"
He nodded but didn’t' say the words. Sheila knelt in front of him. Her arms raised in supplication. "I'll do anything, anything. Just please, please forgive me. I love you more than life itself. I'll never, ever stray again. Please, give me another chance to prove my love, my devotion. Say you'll forgive me."
Hank lifted her to her feet. "Come on, let's go inside. We need to talk." He led her back to the house, Sheila tight against his side, and suitcase in hand.
While Hank finished preparing the ham and cheese omelets, Shelia washed her face and combed out her hair. They ate in silence. Sheila reached across the table to touch Hank's hand. He allowed the closeness, but the look of pain in his eyes said everything.
Hank shook off his distress, stacked the dishes in the sink, then he took Sheila by the hand and led her to the couch and a view of the sunrise.
"Talk to me. Tell me about you. Your deepest darkest secrets. I want to understand what drove you into another man's arms. I believe you when you say you love me. However, I won't tolerate a cheater. Make me understand. Why should I give you another chance?"
Sheila tried. She told him about her rough childhood, how her mother ignored her needs to fulfill her own. She described how boyfriends had used her, cheated, and threw her away. How abusive her father and stepfather were. She told stories that would've had the devil crying. She even shed more tears embellishing wildly to extract Hank's feelings of empathy. Finally, she explained her expectations for their first night together and how deeply he'd disappointed her adding, even more, tears to clinch the act.
Hank pulled her close. "Thank you. It means the world to hear you share your life with me. Let's get some rest. Tomorrow we'll enjoy the beach and talk again. Right now, I'm bushed.
"Does that mean there's a chance for us?"
Hank kissed her softly. "A very good chance. Now get some sleep. If we can get past this, then we've got something truly unique, and I can't walk away from that."
Sheila slept in the Master's Suite, alone. Hank took the guest room. In the morning when she awoke, she immediately went to Hank's room. He was already on the beach, she saw him from the window as he dove into the waves. She turned from the window and caught a flash of light coming from the dresser. On closer inspection, she saw the engagement ring. Still in a Tiffany's Box. 
It was an elaborate diamond crusted band with one large diamond in the middle. More beautiful than she'd ever imagined an engagement ring could be. The knowledge that he wanted to marry her astounded her.
Hank planned to propose. Sheila was both devastated and elated. She would do her best to win back the man of her dreams! Dressing in her sexiest bikini, she hurried to join him on the beach.

Yolanda Renee © 2016

How about that folks - yet another episode without a murder. 
Has love and the possibility of marriage changed Sheila for good? 

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Remember folks - this is all fiction -
an exercise of the imagination!

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Monday, August 22, 2016


Sheila stretched. A smile appearing almost before her eyes were open. Today was the day. She knew it, felt it in her bones. Today she and Hank would finally consummate their relationship. They were leaving for a long weekend trip to Myrtle Beach and a lovely little cove with a private beach cottage and unsurpassed views of the Atlantic. She couldn't wait to wake up to her first sunrise in his arms.

Sheila had never been happier. More content or more confident that she'd met the right man. The man who'd father her children, if she decided to have kids, the jury was still out on that decision. Sheila liked her body too much to allow a pregnancy to spoil it, but Hank was the man she wanted. Singing Barry White's "You're the First, the Last, My Everything" she took her time getting ready. Her bags were already packed, especially her new Victoria's Secret wardrobe. She'd bought new bras, panties, and slinky negligées all for enticing Hank.
Although she wasn't sure what had delayed that special moment, it hadn't happened yet. They'd been dating for a month and while Hank's kisses alone could almost make her orgasm; he'd not gone any further than fondling her breasts, or rubbing her ass, through her clothes. Sheila wanted more. A lot more, but something always interrupted. Usually, his job and some crisis only Hank could fix. Sheila tried to be patient. His new security business was just getting off the ground, he was so proud of it, and she didn't want to appear over anxious or slutty. She liked the game; it was sexy and made the ultimate step even more exciting with its unbridled anticipation.

She wished they could have gone to the cabin together, but Hank had arranged for her to fly to South Carolina. He'd meet her in the evening. He'd also arranged for her to have a full day of pampering, a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure a complete makeover, while she waited for him to arrive. Her day had been heavenly, but she was anxious to see Hank. He'd even bought a sexy red dress for her to wear to dinner that evening. With a building anticipation, she dressed and then paced as she waited for her prince charming to arrive.
Instead, a phone call was all that came. Hank had another business crisis. She assured him of her understanding. Starting a new business always came with headaches. He sent a delicious lobster dinner for her to enjoy, but it tasted like cardboard. She was alone in the most romantic place on earth and very, very unhappy.
After dinner, she took her shoes off and took a walk along the beach. The moon was full and the night unsurpassed. Its beauty wasted on Sheila, as all she did was simmer in disappointment and rage.
"Hey, beautiful, who stole your chill?" A handsome stranger asked as he knelt to reign in his dog.
Sheila smiled, sort of. "That obvious?"
"On a night like this, yeah. I'm Bill, by the way. Have a place just over there." He pointed rubbed his hand on his shorts and reached for her hand.

"Sheila accepted his outstretched hand and actually smiled as she took in his muscular build and dancing blue eyes. Happy to meet you Bill, and who is this?" Sheila knelt down to pet his dog.
"Duke. He's a teddy bear. I didn't want him getting that lovely dress dirty."
Sheila and Bill walked down the beach towards his place. He made her laugh. She relaxed for the first time that evening, and when he invited her in for a drink, she couldn't resist.
Two drinks later, they were kissing. Sheila threw caution to the wind and in less than twenty minutes, Bill saw, then removed her sexy pink Victoria's Secret undergarments.
Several hours later, she did the walk of shame back up the beach, horrified when she saw Hank hurrying toward her.
"Where have you been? I was worried sick!"
"I went for a walk and then, well, I fell asleep on the beach. Sorry."
Hank put his arms around her and kissed her forehead. "No, I'm sorry. Come on, I'll fix you a hot bath and make you some eggs."
Hank was whistling while making breakfast and Sheila was soaking in a tub when a knock at the door changed everything.
Bill was standing there, wearing a pair of pink panties on his head. He quickly pulled them off. "Oh hi, I'm sorry. I thought this was Sheila's place."

"I can see that. I assume those are hers?"
How about that folks - another episode without a murder. 
Maybe Sheila has turned the corner, 
although she just added cheating to her resume.

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Remember folks - this is all fiction -
an exercise of the imagination!

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Monday, August 1, 2016


Dottie threw a birthday party like no other for her precious daughter. Sheila appreciated the celebration but turning 30 also depressed her. It seemed as though her mother had invited everyone she'd ever known. With a drink in hand, she made the rounds and conversed with her guests but was quickly bored. Sneaking away from the party, she wondered into the garden and sat alone on the fountain's edge. Dipping her fingers in the water, she contemplated her life, where she'd wanted to go, and how she wanted to get there. Here she sat, alone, all alone.

Sheila realized that what she wanted was the white picket fence. After her desperate and bloody trail to ensure financial security, she realized that life was moving too quickly, and all she had to show for it was a fat bank account. Money didn't give her the security of she sought. Sheila wanted love.

"Hey beautiful, long time no see."

Startled, Sheila dropped her glass of champagne into the fountain. "Oh my gosh!" Her hand flew to her heart. "Hank?" She squinted in the dim light. "It is you." She jumped up and straightened her dress. "How are you?"

He immediately pulled her into a huge hug. Hank was the brother of Sheila's best friend, Lydia, her first victim. He was a navy seal, a man's man, and Sheila's first crush.

"Just got back from Afghanistan. I'm good. Real good," Hank said and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "And you?"

"I'm all right."

"Don't bullshit me, if the birthday girl is sitting alone in the dark with the biggest party of the season going on in her honor I doubt she's fine." He lifted her chin to see her eyes. "Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over  21, honest. You're beautiful."                                

Sheila snuggled close and lay her head on his chest. His powerful arms surrounded her with warmth. It felt right. A woodsy Aramis filled her nostrils and made her heart flutter. She'd always had a crush on Hank, but he was five years older and never seemed to have time for her or his sister's silliness. She desperately wanted him to kiss her but decided to play it coy. She backed out of his arms and laughed. "Oh you know birthdays, one minute you're full of celebration, and the next you're wondering where all those years went."

"I do." He was still holding her hands. Their eyes locked. "What do you say we sneak out the back?"

"Lead the way," she told him.

They closed the Bar and then went to a diner for breakfast. Laughter and discussion never faltered. Hank took Sheila home at seven in the morning but promised to return at seven for their next date.

She watched him pull away, fingertips lightly touching her lips. The recipient of the most amazing kiss she had ever experienced.

Her happiness showed in a smile that would never fade. Sheila was in love.



How about that folks - no murder committed. Is it possible that Sheila has turned the corner?

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Remember folks - this is all fiction -
an exercise of the imagination!

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Monday, July 11, 2016


Sheila had $100,000 of improvements made to her new Hawaiian 1.1 million dollar home, then promptly turned around and sold it for two million. The real estate industry was booming, and she decided to take advantage of it. She also missed New York, her friends, and the big city nightlife. She loved the beach, but her tan was perfect, and she was bored. Leo, her boyfriend, worked too many hours, and while he was always generous with his gifts, he was stingy with his time. Sheila was ready for a change.

A week after her arrival in New York she was sitting in the dentist's office with a throbbing jaw. Sheila had no patience, and even less when made to wait. The dentist told her she had an infected tooth and needed a root canal. She wanted it taken care of that day, but he insisted she take antibiotics for at least a week first. Sheila didn't agree but followed his advice. In two weeks' time, she had a healed infection, a root canal, and a new cap, but she had a lot of pain too. Her dentist told her to take an over the counter analgesic. Sheila wanted something stronger. He refused, and no amount of flirting or cajoling could get him to change his mind.

Six months later the dentist was found in the alley behind his building. Someone had taken a baseball to his face, and every bone was broken. The doctors were amazed that he'd survived. At first listed as critical, then upgraded to serious, Sheila waited to hear more.

She read the newspaper reports with interest.

The night of the attack, Sheila had dressed in black and stood alone in the alley waiting for the doctor to remove his antique Corvette from the garage. While she stood in the shadows, the doctor arrived unaware that danger waited.

Dr. Martin bent to unlock the garage door, and Sheila hit him in the jaw with the first swing of her solid wood bat.

"See how well you enjoy the pain, doc!"

With surprise in his eyes, he managed to croak her name before the next blow knocked him cold. He lay at her feet, and she just kept swinging. She didn't stop until her shoulder started throbbing. Sheila never thought to check for a pulse. She stripped off her bloodied black sweat pants and hoodie and dropped them and the bat into a garbage bin a block away from the crime scene. Smoothing her little black dress, wiping the blood off her pumps, combing out her hair, and checking her makeup, Sheila felt ready for a night on the town. She waved down a cab and spent the night dancing with her friends.

That entire week, Sheila became desperate for news of the Dentist's condition. She bought several local newspapers, kept the news on all day, and even called the hospital, but learned nothing.

Shelia's had enough and planned her next step. She decided to sneak into another hospital and steal a bottle of propofol. She knew it as the drug that killed Michael Jackson through paralysis, and she just wanted the dentist to quit breathing. Her plan made, she spent that night drowning her sorrows in a bottle of Tequila. 

The next morning she awoke to the news that the dentist had died of sepsis. He was gone and had never regained consciousness.

Sheila went shopping. She treated her closest friends to dinner, drinks, and dancing. Celebrating the fact that she always got her man!


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Remember folks - this is all fiction -
an exercise of the imagination!
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Monday, June 13, 2016


Sheila Murders, in Hawaii
Finally convinced that marriage wasn't the route to take after the death of her groom, Sheila's mother decided to play the field and cross marriage off her bucket list. Sheila whole-heartedly agreed. She rewarded her mother by booking Darla and three of her mother's friends on a Mediterranean cruise for singles.

            She saw them off and assured her mother that she would also be enjoying some time off. She was going to Hawaii, and if things worked out, she'd be buying a house there. Her mother squealed with happiness. "Text me pictures, I want to help you make the right decision," Dottie said.

            "Of course, Mother. I wouldn't want it any other way."

            Her arrival in Hawaii was everything she'd ever dreamed it would be. First class all the way, she felt like a movie star. She contacted a real estate expert but didn't like the change in attitude. Linda Sattler, the woman who agreed to show her around the different properties, let her know immediately that her budget would not get her the dream home she desired. Sheila would have to lower her expectations.

            "No, I'll increase my budget, but these homes had better be made of gold," she told Linda.

            After showing Sheila several homes in the range of $500,000 to $1,000,000 Sheila was still unimpressed. And sorely upset that most of them weren't on the beach. After the first week of Linda picking her up and taking her to the various homes on the island of Honolulu, Sheila stormed into Linda's office beside herself in anger.

            "Why haven't you taken me to the other islands? I understand there are homes on the beach that don't require a person to go broke to own," she shouted. The disturbance brought Linda's boss out of his office. Leonard Vance stepped in and invited the upset client to lunch.

            He and Sheila had an instant connection, and after a quickie in the car, he escorted her to her hotel, where she invited him to her room. They spent the afternoon and the night together. Leo promised to get her the home of her dreams, but he wanted her to know his relationship with Linda was more than boss and employee. If she agreed to allow Linda to keep showing her homes, on any island she wanted. He would make her dreams come true; he just needed time to let Linda know it was over between them. Sheila agreed.

            Sheila saw a bevy of new homes and found one she truly liked on Maui. The only problem the home was listed at 1.3 million. Her mother had agreed to fund any home up to 1.2 million. Leo assured Sheila he would get her the home for 1.2 million and Sheila made that contingent on him being honest with Linda about their burgeoning relationship.

            The day before Sheila was to close on the home, Linda's body was discovered. Blamed on a home invasion, her condominium had been broken into; possessions of value had been taken. Stabbed through the heart, investigators said Linda had surprised the burglars who used a kitchen knife to commit the murder.

           At the signing of the closing papers, Leo told Sheila about Linda's death and had tears in his eyes. Sheila signed the papers, but her attention was on Leonard. If he wanted Linda out of his life, he should be happy, he got what he wanted. Why the tears, she wondered.

So readers, for this murder did Sheila talk Leonard into committing it, or was Sheila behind the entire thing?

I'd love to know what you think.

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Remember folks - this is all fiction -
an exercise of the imagination!
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Getting Away With Murder

I'm sure some of you are wondering about the police investigations into all these deaths presented to us by Sheila. She seems to have gotten clean away with murder, and for the time being she has. Let's recap each of her murders and the investigation into those deaths.

            In Killer Flowers, Sheila gets rid of her best friend Lydia via Oleander leaves steeped in tea. Lydia's first symptoms would have been blurry vision, disorientation, and pain. This caused Lydia to lose control of her vehicle, and she hit a semi head on, dying at the scene. Her parents refused the autopsy after witnesses at the scene blamed the truck driver. He'd been swerving, and his number had been called in just moments before the accident. (He had one of those 'How's my driving 1-800 number on the back of his truck.) The police found that he was texting with his girlfriend while driving. Case closed.

            In Killer Spice, Sheila gets rid of her lover when he doesn't propose on Christmas. She sets him up to die in a car accident. Again, after consuming too many snickerdoodles filled with nutmeg and smoking weed he's incapable of making a smart decision, let alone any decision. He dies when his best friend heads out to pick him up, but his car slides into the poor man on black ice. Again, this is clearly an accident. And even though, Sheila, set this incident in motion is she guilty of murder?

Nutmeg can kill if the right amount is used. 

            In Foxglove Tea, Sheila killed her stepfather by steeping foxglove in his tea. Digitalis is a heart medication but too much can cause a heart attack. Since George had just had a heart attack, his death came as no surprise. Nothing about it raised questions. Sheila got away with murder.

            In Bloody Tissue, Sheila was angry and killed a stranger, but she made a mistake and left some DNA behind. Since she's not in the system will anyone one make the connection? Stay tuned, this young man had family and friends who want answers.

            In A Murderous Intent, it does appear that Sheila has lost her mind. She kills a girl for no reason, other than the fact that this stranger flirted with the same guy that interested her. This is straight up murder and will be investigated as such. I can't wait to see how the investigation goes.

            In Flagrante Delicto, Sheila isn't thrilled with the man her mother wants to marry. Still, Sheila takes on the job of wedding planner and all the while she's stalking the groom. She killed this time by poisoning their food with Strychnine. A suicide note from the groom's mistress seems to have this case wrapped up too. However, you never know what a smart investigator will uncover.

 poisoning produces some of the most dramatic and painful symptoms of any known toxic reaction.

What will happen next?
What would you like to see happen?

 Look for Sheila's ongoing murder sage to continue next Monday with


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The A to Z is over and 
it's time to return to regular posts.
Today, we have a visit from Sheila,
our resident murderous!

But first!

you've won the drawing for a copy of my
Murder Trilogy


Sheila cut her trip to the beach short. Her mother had called with distressing news. She'd decided to get married again. Barely a year after the death of her last husband, she'd fallen head over heels in love with Dewy Brewster. Dewy was a man that lived off any woman foolish enough to fall for his bullshit, and Darla was just that woman.

Sheila couldn't allow this subhuman to steal another dollar of her mother's fortune. She convinced her mother to have a June wedding. An elaborate affair was in the planning stages, and the mood was celebratory. During this time, Sheila became an expert in the habits of Mr. Brewster. She knew all his secrets, but the one she found most interesting was the girlfriend he visited daily. 

Each morning he would awaken next to Darla, then dress in a suit and tie for a job he didn't have. He'd leave the clueless Darla for his day at the office. The work he attended to daily was lazing around with Jemma Newbody, a stripper from the most popular Nightclub in New Jersey.

One morning, Sheila found the happy couple in flagrante delicto, and quite ignorant of the fact that their home had been invaded they continued to play.

This allowed Sheila to poison the eggs they would use that morning for breakfast with strychnine. A sweetly written suicide note, forged by Sheila for the lovely Jemma outlined her reluctance to allow the man she loved to marry another woman. 

They would die together, and they did, quite brutally.

Darla was brokenhearted, of course, but Sheila was relieved to have rid her family of the suave moneygrubber Dewy.

Strychnine poisoning produces some of the most dramatic and painful symptoms of any known toxic reaction.

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Remember folks - this is all fiction -
an exercise of the imagination!
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