Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Anniversary!


A Valentine's wish for true believers
and non-believers alike.
Something for everyone!


a warm shower
soapy lather
bubbles and spray
intimate touches
stolen kisses
playful caresses
intensity rises
trembling anticipation
tender touches
probing tongues
insistent moans
verbal requests
irresistible demands
voiced joy
pulsations overwhelm
screams of delight
release imminent
a warm shower
soapy lather
bubbles and spray
love unbridled.


Engine 7 4 0 5 9

Seven years we were wed
Five million tears now shed
I pushed you in a rage
Not realizing I'd be caged
Onto the tracks, you fell
At the clang of the engine's bell

That moment's a blur
But witnesses concur
Zero friends have rallied
Their votes I have tallied
Instead, to her they throng
There is nowhere I belong

Two lives' you transformed
On that train platform
My heart was broken
When loves loss was spoken
For I alone held deed
To all your desires and needs

Nine days till the hangman's noose
Did she seduce
These thoughts I still ponder
For time, I can squander
Were you smitten
Did she make your heart quicken

My only regret
I couldn't kill Yvette
But if curses are true
She'll soon be blue
Her breath I'll steal
Your money made the deal

I want your pardon
To walk in heavens garden
Will you find it in your heart
Will death mean a new start
Or has destiny showed
Hell, as our new abode?



To be free.
To travel.
To taste the best liquor.
To eat the finest food.
To laugh,
just to laugh.
To smile twenty-four-seven.
To touch
and be touched.
To see you
and have you see me.
To hear you say the words,
and then. . .
To walk away – and never look back.



You don’t know me
—yet you found me.
How could you reach me
—so profoundly?
No one is allowed
—that near.

Was it your words?
—Prose that inspired.
Stirred feelings long ago
Now denied
—forever decried.

Now I must find a new place
—to hide.
A place even
—words can’t find.
In the darkness so deep.
Neither prose nor light nor
—love will keep.
Yolanda Renée © 2020

Yes, we do more than murder here. 😊
Pictures are a bouquet of roses from my husband.
This post is dedicated to him – Happy Anniversary!


  1. How lovely - have a great day.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby, Yolanda! 🥂 I love your eclectic mix of poems. Of course, there had to be a murder, somewhere! 😃


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