Monday, April 14, 2014


Death or was it Murder by Lathe?

 This is one of the most gruesome deaths I came across because when I     clicked on that first link during my research (that link is not posted here) it was a picture of the actual death scene. In other words, the body was still there along with all the gore! So shocking! I do not recommend viewing such a scene, it made me physically sick, please don't test your gag reflex - take my word for it!

This horrific crime occurred in Barboursville, WV. A worker was killed after being pulled into a large lathe. There were no machine guards and while OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) fined the company $56,250 for the violation, I'm thinking a charge of murder might better fit. 

This is beyond HORRIFIC!

Okay, enough with the graphic horror, how about  

Murder by Leg of Lamb?

Remember the short story 'Lamb to the Slaughter' by Roald Dahl? 

 Spoiler Alert!
The short story was adapted for an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, an 'old' half hour horror / black comedy classic. The basic story is a man dies. The detective visits the widow to discuss the case and she serves him dinner while they talk. A frozen leg of lamb is what she used to bludgeon her husband and now the detective is consuming the murder weapon as they talk. A great short!

This was 1958 – And in 1958, I think she'd get away with it – today I think forensics would figure it out! Just because the weapon disappears doesn't mean a crime can't be proven.
Read the complete story on Wikipedia:

 A Lamb to Slaughter

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So far the disappearing murder weapon 
is my favorite - 

and the detective eating the evidence! 

I'm sure it's because the idea came from the mind of a writer!

Has your imagination ever surprised you?


  1. Roald Dahl's short stories always creeped me out, but I couldn't manage to stay away from them.

  2. Some of these pictures I want to delete from my mind, Yolanda. How do I do that? My imagination is wild enough as it is!

  3. I've never even heard of a lathe. But I heeded your warning and didn't look at the picture - what a nightmare for you to accidentally stumble across! That happened to me once with a crime scene pic and I've always wished I could erase that from my mind. Definitely convinced me I could never be a cop in a million years.

  4. First I heard of a lathe too. God, that would hurt big time. They should have been fined millions at the very least.

  5. Er, do you mind, we are having leg of lamb for Easter.

  6. On the imagination thing, I gave myself a bit of a fright and it was only about two years ago, so I was coming up to 60.
    I'd written short stories on adventure, suspense, military, erotica, crime and other things, but never horror, so I tried my hand at it one evening when my wife was out.
    I was sat where I am right now, with no more than a small lamp on my desk, reading through my detailed and 'frightening' story, when, having entered the house silently, my wife managed to climb the stairs without making a noise. When she appeared at the door to my little study it put paid to me ever writing horror again.
    My short story and her sudden appearance taught me I was pretty good at writing it, but not so good at reading it. LOL

  7. Yes, Yolanda, my imagination surprises me often. But I'll have to admit I never would have thought of using a lathe as a murder weapon.

  8. I remember the old lamb leg story. It was good! You know you practically dared me to hunt up the gory lathe pic. I did. It didn't bother me (I frequently watch surgeries on The Learning Channel and documentaries about crime and killers), but I since I don't really know what a "lathe" does, I was puzzled about what happened. I hope the company had to pay his next of kin big money though. I followed and I'm putting this in my blog roll. If it's dark, murderous, and bloody - I'm your girl!! :)

  9. I loved that short! Roald Dahl is so so good. I think I'll go and reread it now. Thanks for sparing us the lathe pic, can't even imagine what that must have done to the family.

  10. I remember the Roald Dahl story ... who could forget!
    Thanks also for sparing us the lathe pic .. I'm just glad I get to read these posts in the light of day and NOT at night.

  11. Yolanda! A woman after my own heart. You are also doing crimes. How cool is that. Clever the leg of lamb. :)
    History Sleuth - A to Z Challenge.

  12. I took your word for it and did not pursue the Lathe murder. I have a weak stomach. I love the old Hitchcock Presents and have seen that episode. Great stuff.


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