Thursday, April 24, 2014


 Murder by Uzi

An Uzi is a small sub-machine gun: a 9 mm compact sub-machine gun named after the Israeli officer who designed it in.

Huberty used an Uzi in 1984 at a McDonald's restaurant to kill 21 people, five of them children. It had stood as the deadliest shooting rampage in the U. S. – but sadly, that too quickly changed, although so far, Huberty is the only one who chose the Uzi. Still the number of shootings and victims keep climbing, despite the style of gun used. And yes you can buy an Uzi today.

32 dead – 2007 - Virginia Tech campus –
26 dead – 2012 – Sandy Hook Elementary –
23 dead – 1991 – Luby's Cafeteria –
21 dead – 1984 – McDonald's Restaurant –
16 dead – 1966 – University of Texas –
14 dead – 1986 – Edmond, Oklahoma Post Office –
13 dead – 1999 – Columbine High School –
13 dead – 2009 – Immigration Service Center –
13 dead – 2009 – Fort Hood, Texas –
13 dead – 1949 – Camden, N.J. –
12 dead – 2013 – Washington Navy Yard –
12 dead – 2012 – Aurora Colorado Movie Theater –

I tried to avoid guns, it seemed too easy, but I couldn't find a murder committed by Ulu, so Uzi it was. I even have an Ulu in my kitchen.

An Ulu is used for skinning and cleaning animals, chopping vegetables, and trimming ice blocks- an all purpose knife used by many native Alaskans, especially the women of Alaska. 

Although no case surfaced where an Ulu was used to commit murder, someone did use it to dismember a body. "Elmer Seetot cut the legs from his victim's body with an Ulu knife and some screwdrivers. The body was found in a freezer, and police believe the victim died from blunt-force trauma caused by a frying pan." 

Now that's a case of using what you find at hand!

 We already know you own a baseball bat, 
but do you own an Ulu or an Uzi?
Which would you choose - gun, knife, blunt object, or would your choice be poison - a quieter neater solution?
Although, maybe you want to wait until V-W-X-Y & Z are presented - before making you're choice!?

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  1. My weapon of choice would be a firearm, and at a reasonable range. For many reasons it helps to distance the user from the crime.

  2. So many methods of murder to choose from!

  3. So far, I would have trouble choosing. Living in Canada we don't have lots of guns around of any kind. Same in the UK. I do have an epée - it has a button on it, but I could remove it I guess. You didn't mention swords I don't think.

  4. Well that's one way to rack up a body count, the other being in close quarters with someone who ate their body weight in green chile & bean burritos.

    Echoes of Olympus
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

  5. To me, automatic weapons like the Uzi are the scariest of all because they can do such much damage and kill so many people before the killer is taken down.


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