Tuesday, April 15, 2014


When I started this project, I did not expect to find that the murders I uncovered and the weapons used in them would involve so many children, but sadly, that is exactly what I've found. This is the first case of its kind!

Because of her addiction, Stephanie Greene, 39 of South Carolina, was sentenced to 20 years for the overdose morphine death of her 6-week-old daughter. 

The morphine was delivered through Stephanie's breast milk. 

Although given that the murderer was also a nurse, and as a nurse, she would have / should have known that whatever she was taking would be transferred to her baby; I think 20 years isn't quite enough.

  And then there the case of the Milkshake Murderer, Nancy Kissel, who laced her husband's strawberry milkshake with sleeping pills, bludgeoned him to death, and then wrapped him in a rug and put him in storage.

 For her efforts, she's serving life in prison, in China.

Do you have a more delicious way to achieve your murderous goal?

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  1. I read the link for the overdose through morphine/breast milk. If she needed the morphine to get through the day to help with her pain, why was she not more careful and not get pregnant in the first place? It was the deceit that she seemed to be doing that would have had me want to give her the most maximal sentence and then some.


  2. Murder by breast milk is heartbreaking! Why have the baby at all then? So baffling what people will get upto.

    But murder by milkshake, now that has distinct possibilities! :)

  3. An interesting post, Yolanda, thank you. I felt sad reading these stories. When anyone is murdered it's unacceptable, but beyond words in the case of a child!

  4. Wow the breastfeeding death is so sad and unbelievable. Murder by Milkshake seems like a title of a book!

  5. I'm OK, don't drink milkshakes. One certainly never thinks of milk as a murder weapon.

  6. Hi Yolanda,

    Not sure what happened. My email notifications to your site stopped showing up. So now I end up in Milk. That is absolutely tragic about that baby girl.


  7. It's so sad what is done to children. She could have bottle fed the child.

  8. Yolanda, to answer your question about a 'delicious' way to murder somebody, how about this.
    If I was feeling particularly sadistic and selfish, and I knew my partner had a nut allergy, I would start making love with her, and as we neared the crucial point in the proceedings I'd slip a few peanuts in her mouth, and then hang on tight.
    I know it's a serious subject, but I am a fiction writer so I have to tackle sensitive issues within my writing, because they are real.


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