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The sunrise was beyond words, the colors indescribable. The reflection and refraction of the sun's rays, the ocean, and the great golden orb rising above the horizon were mesmerizing. Well, to most everyone viewing it that morning. Except, Sheila.

Yolanda Renée © 2015

The young woman on the beach practicing yoga took her attention. Sheila had put on a few pounds since the holidays and even though it was early April, she hadn't shed a one of them.

Her visit to the beach wouldn't normally have happened until June, but Sheila hated winter so she made her escape early. This morning while watching the young lady exercise, she caught sight of a good-looking young man. He made the mistake of photographing the yoga girl, and the yoga girl made the mistake of returning his advances.

Sheila hated to have her ire raised so early in the morning but then decided it would give her something to look forward to. She began to plan her next task.

She pulled out her cell phone and made a To Do List. Buy a knife, follow the yoga instructor, slice her throat, and offer comfort to the hottie with the deep blue eyes – were on the list.

Sheila put on her tennis shoes and walked down to the beach. She was pretending interest in the sea gulls by snapping pictures, but she was really watching the young woman. When the woman picked up her blanket and went back to the condominiums. Sheila followed.

Sheila got lucky the young girl lived on the first floor. When she went inside, she didn't lock the door. She didn't even close it. The screen door was all that stood between Sheila and her victim.

Watching from a safe distance, she saw the young woman consume a bottle of water and then disappear into a back room. Sheila followed. In the kitchen, she picked out a butcher knife. She mentally click each item off her To Do List.

In the bedroom, she saw the clothes just discarded by the young woman. Sheila heard the shower spray, and couldn't believe her luck. In her favorite horror movies, the killing of the girl in the shower had always been her biggest fear. 

Sheila had clear shower curtains in her home because of it. She wondered if this girl had the same, but quickly found out that, no, this silly girl didn't. The yoga girl's shower curtains were a beautiful blue-green strip. They matched the accessories in the room.

Quickly, Sheila shed her own clothes and stepped into the shower with the girl. It only took one or two strikes with the knife to kill her, but Sheila took pleasure in her art. She stabbed, slashed, and finally cut the girls throat. She used the extended shower-head to rinse all the blood down the drain.

With the body still at her feet, Sheila showered, washed her hair with the expensive shampoo and conditioner, and then she carefully dried off and redressed. She checked for witnesses and seeing none, Sheila slipped out the same way she'd entered. 


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