Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Brutal Attack

With the improvements to the cabin completed Sheila grew antsy for a new conquest, which meant a new relationship. She decided to write a book about her exploits, and since all writers wrote their most successful novels at the local coffee shop, Sheila came up with a plan. She took the ferry to Seattle every morning, and at the Starbucks in Pioneer Square she opened her laptop, sipped her coffee, and began detailing her life. But she hadn’t forgotten her true mission, she kept her eyes open for her next romantic conquest.

Even she was shocked when that person was a sweet young girl named Jerry. Their connection was instantaneous, the rapport amusing, sincere, and thoughtful. The sex unbelievable. Jerry gave Sheila something she didn’t expect, a hint at what empathy meant. It was her downfall and her greatest asset. It was also Jerry's undoing.

Jerry loved everyone, and the causes she worked tirelessly for innumerable. So much so that they began to interfere in the relationship. Something Sheila could not tolerate. The attention from her lover had to be full, intense, and unrelenting or she grew bored. Three months into this relationship, Sheila became bored. It was time to plan the next phase.

Hiking was the one recreational activity that Sheila and Jerry loved doing together. They began planning longer and deeper excursions into Moran State Park. It was a hike to the summit of Mount Constitution that become an adventure that Sheila would never forget.

The hiked, then made camp. Alone in the forest, they found a lake where they could skinny dip, make love on a blanket in the open air, and even plan for a future, A future that sadly would never be.

At midnight, Sheila left the tent, she packed her sleeping bag and secured her backpack., then she undressed. Her companion, Jerry, was sound asleep, thanks to a sedative that Sheila had slipped into her last glass of champagne. From outside the tent, Sheila took a curved hunting knife and slashed the canvas open. Mimicking, she hoped the sharp claws of a bear. She tore into the sleeping girl she once claimed to love. The slices were deep, brutal, meant to kill. They would.

Sheila struggled to awaken from the nightmare attack. She found clarity for one full moment. At that moment she recognized her attacker. Her last words, “why my love?” fell on deaf ears as Sheila struck the final blow.

When Jerry was finally well and dead, Sheila went back to the lake for one last swim to remove the blood from her naked body. Re-dressing, she gathered her belongings, made sure all evidence of her presence was obliterated, then she calmly walked back to civilization.

She relied on Jerry’s silence about their relationship as cover. The fact that she never gave her real name or any actual facts about herself also gave her no cause to believe that she be found out.

Jerry was known for her solo hikes. It was how she carried out most of her amorous relationships. Her father, a prominent politician in Seattle, would not have understood his daughter’s choices, and Jerry was sure she could keep the world fooled. At least long to inherit a promised fortune by marrying the man who would make her legit in her family’s eyes. After that, she planned to come out to the entire world.

Now, there would be no need. Sheila saw to that.

Jerry’s body wasn’t found for several months and by that time the animals had gotten to her. Her bones were scattered. A bear attack was cited as the cause of death. Sheila smiled when she read the article.


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