Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The fog was thicker than pea soup and murkier than mud. Still, it worked out to be the best cover possible. Especially as murder was the goal.
Sheila had changed her looks. Now a platinum blond, the color did little to help her hide. She was even more of a standout than before. She didn’t care. She flaunted her freedom!

But tonight, she was covered from head to toe in black. No platinum and barely the whites of her eyes were visible.
Sheila had a goal. She was going to get her revenge on the man that brought all her dreams to a standstill. Bill, the man who set her up and ruined her marriage plans with Hank.
Sheila hadn’t forgotten that Hank was part of the setup, but his comeuppance would happen last after she took out all those who’d betrayed her.
Bill made number one on her list simply because his was the first name she’d pulled out of the hat.
She’d observed him for several weeks. He loved regularity, and with his dog Duke, he walked the beach daily. No longer a Navy man, he lived on the money his mother had left him when she died just days after he got back from Afghanistan.
He’d bought a small house on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and was enjoying the quiet life. He was working on a book. Sheila didn’t know that, or the fact that she was the subject.

Sheila watched, waited, and when Duke, his black lab, took off running down the beach. Sheila had Bill in her sights and fired. Her new M24 Sniper’s Rifle and extensive training made the shot count. Bill fell, and Duke ran to his side.
Sheila was already on her way home.
“One down, dozens to go.” Shelia laughed as she drove off in her new Porsche.

Yolanda Renée © 2017

Sheila's Murderous Journey
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Remember folks - this is all fiction -
an  exercise of the imagination!