Monday, June 8, 2015


Do you think poison has made a resurgence as a murder weapon or has science simply made it easier to detect? What's your poison…

Arsenic – FYI it's estimated that approximately 137 million people are exposed to elevated levels through their drinking water. The Near Perfect Murder Weapon as used by Ann Miller Kontz.

Ethylene Glycol while typically only moderately toxic its sweet taste is the cause for consumption of large quantities. In 2007, 1000 cases were reported – 16 resulted in death. This is a curious statement - did the coverage increase the poisoning?
Intentional Ethylene Glycol Poisoning Increase after Media Coverage of Antifreeze Murders and as proof here are a few examples - Del. woman killed husband with antifreeze

Sodium Fluoroacetate – a pesticide with a taste similar to that of salt. It occurs naturally and is produced synthetically. A possibly famous murder, read it here -  The dead billionaire and the 'KGB poison killer'.

Mercury – a heavy metal that occurs in many forms – liquid, vapor, inorganic salts, and can be found in cosmetics, fluorescent lamps, dental fillings. One of the most interesting cases involved poison chewing gum that killed both the killer and his fiancée Forensic Toxicology Poison Murders Solved By William Wolf (1935) or an even earlier recording of mercury and murder via Fatal Mercury Poisoning Cases in Forensic Practice.

Dioxin – TCDD is created as a by-product of industrialization such as the manufacturing of paper by pulp bleaching, or what is given off by incinerator fumes. Dioxin enters the body via our consumption of fish, meat, and diary. Agent Orange, a famous purveyor of the toxin dioxin, has killed or maimed hundreds of thousands, Killing Me Softly: How Agent Orange Murders Vietnam's Children during and since the Vietnam War. The attempted murder of the Passaic River: Moran. Or it's used in political murders such as the case of Viktor Yushchenko – Dioxin Murder Most Harmful

Amatoxin – or poison mushrooms. It can be accidental such as this story Poison Mushroom Soup Kills 2 Elderly Women Two die after eating death cap mushrooms or it can be used for murder  - Death of the Emperor Claudius. 

Strychnine – another pesticide that cause spasms and a painful death that could take 2 to 3 hours.  Murder of John P. Stickles 1876 or it can help launch a writing career such as the famous Agatha Christie and her novel of 1920 - The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

Tetrodotoxin – is a neurotoxin found in pufferfish, porcupinefish, and others. It too can be used to commit murder Lake in the Hills Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Acquiring and Possessing Deadly Neurotoxin  or it can occur accidently FDA Investigates Puffer Fish Poisoning Illness in Virginia.

Cyanide – used as a pesticide and insecticide It can also be found in tobacco smoke and building fires, but you can also find it in almonds, apple seeds. Used as a weapon of war, and in gas chambers, cyanide salts are a popular and fast-acting suicide device.  Cyanide has a long history in manufacturing and in murder such as   A Cyanide Murder In Chicago or The Tylenol murders.

Botulinum a neurotoxic protein produced commercially – type A and Type B – used medically, and cosmetically, and in research. As a foodborne illness, it can be treated, but when used medically or cosmetically there are still warnings of adverse side effects. And yet we willing inject this into our bodies to get rid of wrinkles? Botulinum Toxin type H- the Deadliest Known Toxin With no Known Antidote Discovered I did not find proof that Botulinum has been used for murder but … A Verdict in South Africa

 I hope this has been informative – so what's your poison? Have you ever considered coming up with something new?


  1. Thank you for making sure the reading public all have a good knowledge of how to bump off anyone they don't like. Arsenic always makes me think of Arsenic and Old Lace of course. Now where did I put that strychnine?

    1. It's all over the web, they don't need my help. LOL
      I enjoyed that movie too - strychnine is old fashioned, but be careful, CSI's are really good at what they do!

    2. I always think of that movie as well. Such a fun movie.

  2. Curare! you know I would have to choose something a little than plain old arsenic, right? :~)

    1. Oh, that is a good one especially if you want to leave your victim aware, and yet unable to respond. Horrible poison! Arsenic is rather plain, and painful too! Thanks for the double visit!

  3. Interesting premise for a new blog! Good luck with it.

    Let's see... a poison. How about insulin? Or something plant-based, like scopalmine? (I think that's how it's spelled... something close to that, anyway.)

    Count me in as your newest groupie, although I don't plan on poisoning anyone. Nope, I plan to blow up my characters with homemade explosives. :)

    1. Like the idea of insulin, the other I've not heard of but will research. Explosives, hmm, will think on that for a new blog post! Thanks for the idea! :) And for the follow!

  4. A kindred spirit! I used "poison" as my theme for the A to Z Challenge this year! I never thought about actually creating a fictional poison for a story, but I have wracked my brain for new and innovative ways to use them. (In writing, not real life.)


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