Monday, April 13, 2020

Even Stowy Has A Humane Way to Kill


Excerpt from 
Murder, Just Because


“Sorry, folks. I enjoyed the ride, but now I want to be alone,” Stowy said, looking down at the two-unconscious people at his feet. George and Irma West had befriended a killer. While Irma reminded him of his dead mother, and George, the father he barely remembered, murder was Stowy’s favorite way to say goodbye.

Hiding in the storage compartment under their bed worked like a charm. The border guards never even looked. Who could doubt these two, these typical-looking Grandma and Grandpa, especially with their homemade cookies to share? They were a kind couple, and they said he reminded them of their son Cooper, who’d died in Desert Storm. It probably didn’t hurt that Stowy claimed to be a veteran from the same war. He loved the attention and care they’d shown him, but he was good at biding his time, and once they crossed the border into the United States, they were no longer useful.

Stowy killed them, and because they’d been so kind to him, it was a gentle murder. He drugged them, and as they slept, he put them in plastic bags and buried them side by side in the same grave. Buried alive, they eventually died by suffocation. According to Stowy, it was his most humane murder, and no one could say he broke his promise. Nobody in Alaska died.

Pleased with his escape from the frigid weather of the north, Stowy headed farther south to the hot desert of Arizona.

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