Wednesday, April 1, 2020

ISWG - Book Tour

April 1 question -The IWSG’s focus is on our writers. Each month, from all over the globe, we are a united group sharing our insecurities, our troubles, and our pain. So, in this time when our world is in crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic, our optional question this month is: how are things in your world?

Does crazy make sense? We live in a popular tourist site, and the local government has asked all non-residents to leave as of last Sunday. I must admit, that makes me feel safer, mainly because my husband’s job is listed as essential, and I want him protected as much as myself.

I’ll also admit to having regular episodes of anxiety, and I’ve tried to fight that with my preparations for the book tour that started today.

Please see my schedule of appearances below Thank you, everyone who decided to host me and my new book Murder, Just Because.

Plus, this month there’s a new WEP Challenge - Antique Vase. Distract yourself from the virus by participating!

Stay safe, stay well!


Murder, Just Because

Tour Schedule

April 1            Denise CoveyGuest Post - Writing Your Real-Life Experience                     
                        Mythical Books Q & A with the Author & Excerpt
                        Rockin’ Book Reviews Feature

April 2            Constantine – Feature
April 6            Mystery Writing is Murder – Guest Post How I Wrote My Mystery
                        Spunk on A Stick – Feature

April 7            Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews – Q & A

April 8            The Warrior Muse Top Ten List of Literary Detectives
                        Random Thoughts Excerpt & Feature

April 10         I Think Therefore I Yam - Interview With A Monster
                       Ellen Jacobson Author Q & A

April 13          Christine Rains – Writer Review & Excerpt
                        Alex J. Cavanaugh – Guest Post -Top Ten Murder Movie List

April 15          Elizabeth Seckman, Author Guest Post - Heaven on Earth

April 17          Writer’s Gambit Q & A & Excerpt

April 20          Tara Tyler Talks Interview
                        H.R. Sinclair Guest Post - How to Write a Thriller 
April 24          Write with Fey – Guest Post - Evil Exists

April 27          Just Jemi – Q & A

April 29          Thoughts in Progress Review

May 1             Celticlady’s Reviews – Feature


  1. I'm sorry your husband is still having to brave the world right now, but glad that at least the tourists won't be an added risk for him! Mental health stuff is hard right now. I hope you are able to keep your anxiety from getting any worse, and the blog tour is a huge success!

    1. I have my moments. I can't imagine anyone who isn't. But we're all right. I'm enjoying the tour, I tried to keep it light on subject matter, and that helped too!

  2. I'm really hoping things will settle down soon. But I'm a dreamer, so there's that. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

    1. It's all right to be a dreamer. I am too plus an idealist. Oops!

  3. Glad you're doing your book tour on line! I just hate thinking that anyone traveling might pick C-19 up and take it home with them. Terrifying...

    1. It's a wonderful opportunity now that other avenues are closed. Thank you, Lisa!

  4. I'm sorry to read that you're struggling with anxiety. Here's to you both staying safe.

    1. Thank you, Ivy. I hope you are safe and well, and unlike me a little panicky! :)

  5. Such a challenging time to have a new release! Best of luck with that, and I'll be hanging around here, since I'm another mystery writer, and always finding new ways to bump people off...

  6. I hope the tour goes really well! It's odd to see tourist attractions and towns shut down.


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