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Ted Bundy, well known for his charisma and looks confessed to killing 30 women. He decapitated 12 of his victims and kept severed heads in his apartment. His killing spree ran between 1974 & 1978. 

He was executed in Raiford Prison in Florida, 1989.

Electric Chair

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  1. Ted Bundy is by far my favorite serial killer. I have studied him extensively :D Another great one, Yolanda!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Hi, Ravyne, Bundy, was truly unique. From the way he lured his victims to his many escapes!

  2. We LOVE the Bundy family. We also love Ted Bundy's transformation in Modern Family. Such a talented and funny guy. Great B of the day, Yolanda. Thank you.

  3. Ted Bundy - a name that everybody knows for all the wrong reasons.

  4. I remember when Ted Bundy was in the news. I followed his story quite closely as I was a big fan of Ann Rule true crime books, and she worked very closely with him at one time (I think he may have had ties to the D.A.'s office?) At any rate, it amazed me that a man who was attractive and so very intelligent could be involved in such wicked deeds. His death-row interviews are fascinating.

    1. Hi, Megan, I loved Ann Rules books. Yes, she personally knew Bundy,

  5. Bundy was the typical sociopath who thought he was superior to those around him. He had everyone fooled for so long.
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  6. Eeeek! I'm one of those people who are 'obsessed' with serial killers, yet terrified all the same (i'm sure people like me are larger in number than I realize!) I will come back for sure to read more.

    1. Hi Amy, you're so right! Fascinated and yet terrified!
      Thanks for visiting!

  7. I've read about Ted Bundy. In fact, I watch a TV channel that airs real life crimes - Investigation Discovery and a bunch of others. I love the profiling and the detailed case study.


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