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M. Jaishankar, referred to as the Psycho Shankar, is a serial killer from India. Involved in approximately 30 rapes, murders, and robberies. Jaishankar kept a machete in his black hand bag and killed anyone who resisted.

He was sentenced to 27 years, but has escaped twice.

He is currently imprisoned and has been diagnosed as mentally ill.

If you want to know more, just click his name it contains the link!

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  1. Hi Yolanda, I guess I should thank you for scaring me half to death again!
    Rosa Temple writes...

  2. 27 years, is that all? You'd think they would take care to keep an eye on a serial killer.
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  3. It seems to me that some people are just born evil and then blame mental illness when they are more than aware of their actions and consequences.

  4. You are coming up with some very good stuff here. I often wonder where the line between mental illness and demonic possession lies.

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    1. Hi, Kathleen, makes you question the definition of mental illness.

  5. For people like this, and the ones you have written about before, I would definitely support the death penalty. Why should we pay to keep these people clothed and fed for years when all they did was prey on us.

    1. Hi, Jo, as long as they don't get out I think making them suffer is a good thing, but today, do they really suffer? Club med, anyone?


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