Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Murder by Garrote

A garrote is a handheld weapon made of wire or rope with wood or metal used a tightening tool for the strangulation of an individual. 

Since it requires a great deal of strength to kill someone by strangulation this weapon makes that task easier. Soldiers are even trained in the use of garrote for a quick and silent death of sentry's.

Sadly the one death that I found by garrote in the United States was that of the Jon Benét Ramsey. That case occurred in 1990, the murder of a six-year-old child, and is still unsolved today.

You can read more of that horrid story here. Jon Benét Ramsay

The garrote was also once used as a method of capital punishment in Spain. 

I don't think the picture needs any explanation but if you want more information please go here! Wikipedia

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  1. See those all the time on tv and movies

  2. This seems like one of the most gruesome weapons to me. Incomprehensible that someone used one on a little girl.

  3. Odd that they have never solved that particular murder. I seem to think the mother died since that time and only the father is left.

  4. This one is totally gruesome!
    Unimaginable way to die...
    Writer In Transit

  5. What an interesting theme for A to Z! I can't even imagine being strangled with this. Seems horrid!
    Visual Proof

  6. Jon Benet is one of Colorado's greatest tragedies.

  7. You know, I actually thought the Garrot was supposed to cut into the neck, not strangle the individual. I learned something new!

  8. I remember that event from my childhood. Very traumatizing then. I was also aware of its use in Spain, though I'd forgotten the look of the actual device. Thanks!

  9. The more useful technique is to have knots along the length of the rope. In taking out a sentry for example, the knots help to prevent the rope sliding on the skin. Once purchase is gained, it makes it even harder for the victim to get fingers underneath. Superb postings.


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