Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Murder by Hatchet  

While both the axe and the hatchet are tools for cutting wood, there is one difference - one is shorter than the other. The hatchet is often referred to as a small axe, but both are monstrously evil when used as a weapon.

The most famous case of murder carried out with a hatchet is of course, that of Lizzie Borden. The rhyme is wrong though, the victims were felled by fewer than 40 whacks - 19 for the stepmother, and only 10 or 11 killed her father. Lizzie was acquitted of the murders.

You can read more about Lizzie Borden by following the link.

Here's an odd case - 1979, in Lucas Texas there was a case involving 41 whacks with a hatchet (wonder if that rhyme was going through her head when she raised and lowered that weapon). Candy Montgomery killed Betty Gore, but was acquitted when she claimed self-defense, even though Candy was having an affair with Betty's husband.

 Shadows of the Lizzie Borden case? I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Certainly wants one to make sure they don't have a hatchet in their list of tools should they be concerned about the homicidal tendencies of someone that might live in their house. Fascinating to read and learn about all the different methods and tools one can commit murder with.


  2. 41 whacks and it was self defense? Hard to imagine that.
    As soon as I saw hatchet in your title I immediately thought of Lizzie Borden.

  3. I can't believe they were acquitted in both cases. What were the courts thinking?

  4. Ah, yes- Ms. Lizzie. I know this case well as I've watched many discovery channel specials on it. Thank goodness we have CSI nowadays.

  5. The story of Lizzie Borden is a fascinating one. I remember watching documentaries about her when I was a child--I was as morbid then as I am now.

  6. It seems that the poor woman Betty 'Gore' was aptly named. Hatchets are also a favoured weapon in gang warfare, because of the efficiency with little extra strength required. Nice work once again.


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