Saturday, April 12, 2014


Murder by Knife

Referred to as Cold Arms, knives or sharp objects have been known to cause the death of over 1900 people in a year. It's the major reason I don't have a knife holder sitting on my kitchen counter! I'm not giving that intruder an easy weapon!

One of the most horrific knife attacks happened recently in Beijing, China, just this year. A group of knife wielding assailants attacked people at a railway station. They killed 33 people, injured 143 others, and lost four of their own. Announcements in the case have said four of the assailants, including a woman have recently been arrested! 

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This isn't the first such attack in China, in the Xinhua region, similar riots have killed 17 people, including nine police or security personnel before officers shot and killed 10 of the assailants. 

Therefore, despite taking a knife to a gunfight (the police carry guns – the populace were unarmed) these knife wielding assailants have taken a huge toll!

China is a country with very strict gun laws, private citizens are not allowed to possess firearms. On the other hand, they have many folks with a talent for wielding a knife or a sword. 

 Sadly, just Wednesday a knife attack in a high school near Pittsburgh, resulted in the injury of 20 people, several were seriously wounded! Thank God, no one died when this 16 year old student decided two knives would do more damage than one. 

To aid you with some self-defense techniques consider these links, but I'm betting a baseball bat might come in handy here!

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Have you decided to hide that knife holder sitting on your kitchen counter?


  1. Oh my gosh, yes, I am going to hide that knife holder! It is sitting right there by the stove, right out in the open!


  2. Knife violence is pretty big here in Japan too, for the same reason as China, though the incidents seem to be much lower. At least, I don't here about them often.

  3. It takes a certain mind-set to use a blade on another person. For example, in military terms, it is much harder to learn to kill with a knife, because you find yourself breathing the same air as your 'victim', and you will feel the life blood flowing through him before the fatal wounding. With a firearm the killer is remote from the death.

  4. Hey I've got two knife holders and nowhere to hide them. Nunchakus might work, but I don't have them either and I still don't have a bat.

  5. I also have my knife holder next to the stove - but gosh! I'd never have thought - though at the oddest of times I've sort of located it there in consciousness and wondered whether I would have the foresight to grab one and use it if need be ... eek!
    Garden of Eden Blog

  6. The good, dependable kitchen knife.... lots of people keep them in plain sight, on the kitchen counter top... * shudder*
    Writer In Transit

  7. What happened in Pittsburgh is terrible, but yes THANK GOD no one died from this boys attack.

    And my knifes are in a drawer. ;)

  8. Good thought about no knife holder, figured the number would be high, easy weapon

  9. See, this is why I have a knife stashed under my mattress, hiding behind the baseball bat *God help anyone who breaks into my house*

    Echoes of Olympus
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

  10. My knives have always been stashed away from sight. Don't have a baseball bat, but some of my non-knife ethnic cutlery kept handy for an encounter with any intruder.

  11. The knife attack near Pittsburgh was close to my hometown, in an area I'd visited often. I couldn't help but think that it would be so much more difficult to stab someone than use another weapon. You'd have to push really hard to get the knife to even break the skin.

    I never thought about the knife holder being easy access for an intruder. The irony in our house would be that the good knives are in drawers, and the cheapos are in the knife block.


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