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I call this Murder by Needle or even by National Edict because every year the government decrees that we as its citizens need to get that flu shot or suffer the consequences of a possible pandemic. In 1976 after the decree was issued, and depending on whom you ask, and what you believe, those injections caused the death of some, if not many of the citizens who participated. Was it murder by National Edict? You decide!

I took this paragraph directly from the story MURDER BY INJECTION THE GREAT SWINE FLU MASSACRE – SIXTEEN HUNDRED DEAD authored by Eustace Mullins – 

"A long line of tense and fearful people had formed outside a local 'health clinic.' The line slowly inched forward, into a small room where white-coated 'technicians' injected each person’s arm with a virulent chemical poison. As the chemical hit their bloodstream, some of the victims slumped over and died immediately. They were quickly dragged into another room, while the 'technicians' assured the nervous crowd, 'There’s nothing to worry about. They’ve only passed out.'"

Mr. Mullins said " 'after 40 years of patient study of the crises which faces humanity, I arrived at a very simple conclusion—all conspiracies are Satanic! …The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can deliver you to your ultimate enemy—Satan.'—Eustace Mullins (Curse of Canaan, Preface)

Below are two other stories regarding the Swine Flu Injections of 1976, one from the Time Magazine – conspiracy or truth? You decide!

For more articles on the subject, just Google Swine Flu

While that tumbles around in your brain, consider Hart Johnson's serial A Shot in the Light that begins with the short story A Flock of Ill Omens – in her book it truly is murder by Needle and National Edict.  
A Shot in the Light will make you think twice about getting that flu shot!

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  1. LOL; I'm old enough to remember this swine flu outbreak back in 1976. I remember my sister and mom going to get the vaccine; I didn't want to take it, not for fear of dying or anything, I just don't like to inject meds or take meds if at all possible. I do remember my sister feeling a bit sick afterwards, but I think it was all psychological, know what I mean?


  2. Thank goodness I had my flu jab earlier before I read this post! scary.

  3. I have no fear of what's in the flu vaccine, or any vaccine, really, I'm just not a huge fan of people poking we with needles all around. XP

  4. So many nasty ways to kill someone! What excellent fodder for a writer. :)

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    Untethered Realms

  5. A stitch in time didn't do the jab, then? :)

  6. When I visit the doctor, I prefer a jab... I'm not the pill-popping type... now you've got me thinking...

  7. I had just come to Canada in 1976. I have no idea if I had the shot at the time, but we both have flu shots these days.

  8. I was a Staff Sergeant (British Army) during the first Gulf War. A day or so before the hostilities began I was to take my troop to a Field Hospital in the desert, for inoculations. Some of these were 'optional', and we had the risks explained. I refused two of the needles and upset the medics by telling my guys they had the option - and they too refused - all 46 of them.
    The medical officer pulled me to one side and asked for an explanation, telling me I should be more responsible and set an example. I had set an example.
    I said: 'Sir, with respect, if anyone in my troop is going to die from poisoning by Botulism or Anthrax, it will be because the f....g enemy infected us.'

  9. Thank you so much for the shout out, Yolanda!!! I really appreciate it! I am okay with those once or twice in a lifetime vaccines, but the yearly ones just seem to me like a crap shoot with a lot of potential hazards!


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