Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Murder by Hockey Stick

In the woods, sticks make for great weapons, but at home, an individual will grab the nearest instrument and it may be that baseball bat or it could be a Hockey Stick!

Just ask Gerald Dennis Jr, a 45-year-old who suffers from an acute form of schizophrenia and now stands accused of killing his sister. He claims she stole his disability money to buy drugs and he claims he'd had enough. Found competent to stand trial he was charged with first-degree murder in February.

Another fact discovered during my research for this challenge is that the third most common murder weapons used are body parts – you know – hands, feet, fists, and even the head (did you know a head butt could be fatal?). As many as 900 people in one year have been fatally injured when their assailant gave them a fatal blow to the head.

So while we have several weapons to choose from we can also use our own bodies as a weapon! What about you – have you honed your body's skills or is it the hockey stick or other weapon that you prefer?

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  1. LOL, I'm afraid to always answer your questions; not sure it it will be used against me in a court of law! I have a weak unconditioned body; I'm going with the hockey stick here :) (not that I would ever use it, unless threatened by an intruder).


  2. My body skills are not great - would grab a golf stick maybe (not that I play but my husband has them) as weapon. And if a man, hit him where it hurts the most. A woman?- maybe in the same nether region...

    Garden of Eden Blog

  3. I love your blog title and promise of no judgement...

    I'm too short to do any damage with 'the Glasgow kiss'. (headbutting) I suppose I coul do so and wind my victim, maybe even enough to distract them so I could whip out the golf club and whack them on the head?

  4. I suppose murderers will use whatever is to hand even a hockey stick.

  5. I can do T'ai Chi which, speeded up, can be lethal. No hockey sticks, baseball bats and these days, no golf clubs.

  6. I'm wondering if the hockey stick would be a popular choice in a premeditated murder? To me, it seems like the type of weapon one would grab on the spur of the moment...

  7. Okay, I'll admit it ... I would / have used my hands rather than a weapon. Not because of any desire to be up close and personal with violence, but because on the occasions I've had to defend myself at short notice, the last thing on my mind was causing injury; it was survival. The other guy in several cases might have been hurt a lot more if I'd had a weapon.

  8. Australia is having a blitz on drunks who murder with one fatal punch, so it backs up your research. All you need is a skin full of booze and a strong fist. Having a concrete pavement to finish the victim off adds the final touch. So many sad stories here...

    Hope all is well.



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