Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Under the title THEY SAILED FROM THIS LIFE – I found an interesting discussion regarding Death on a Yacht or as it occurs some other seafaring vehicle. Sometimes the death is ruled suicide, but in a few of the deaths, there are some that still speculate that murder was the true cause. 

The web story gave eight examples – we have an actress, a media mogul, a newspaper mogul, a filmmaker, a famous musician, an engineer, a poet, and the son a president! 
Just click on a name and find the story:

Never really thought about it before, but death on a yacht could be considered the perfect crime. What do you think, do any of these deaths remain a question in your mind – or do we just love a conspiracy?

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  1. LOL; I'm using Y for yacht too, but not for murder :)

    I always wondered about Natalie Wood, there's more to that story we'll probably never get to know the rest of.


  2. I remember the hoo-ha around the Wood incident. It was always fishy to me, so I’m glad the case was reopened!
    Miss A

  3. I always thought the Natalie Wood case was highly suspicious. Having lived on boats for a large part of my life, I have seen how accidents could be cause on purpose sometimes.

  4. All seem to be mysterious deaths involving these yachts.

  5. Hi human, Yolanda,

    A lot of mystery does surround a number of those stories. I think I should buy my pretend human, Gary, a yacht. I once saw a CATamaran. I had nightmares for weeks after!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  6. I have always wondered about the Natalie Wood case. And I am enjoying your site! Such a great idea for a blog.

  7. I'd be inclined to follow the train of thought that many of those deaths are going to go unsolved with regards to the true cause of death. It is an ideal circumstance, and if you can get your victim well out to sea, so much the better.
    'We were both swimming in the ocean, but she didn't hear me call out about the shark ...' Yeah, right. LOL
    Another good one for your collection of weapons or means of dealing death.


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