Monday, April 28, 2014


Murder by Xanax
In this first case, the ex-wife is found dead in a bathtub. The defense claims the she committed suicide. Cuts to her wrist and legs, which resulted in heavy bleeding, the amount of Xanax in her system, and then  drowning all played a part in this woman's demise. 

But was a woman with tickets for a long awaited vacation suicidal or just a problem for her ex-husband?
One fact that stood out was that she didn't have a prescription for Xanax, but her ex-husband, the pediatrician did. You can read about the case at the link below.

In this next case, the alleged killer took Xanax and tried to use it as a defense.

Interestingly enough there is even a study asking the question 'could murder be caused by Xanax?"

What do you think? Could a drug drive you to murder, or simply give you that needed push to do the unthinkable? Would you be at fault or would the drug?

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  1. I wondered what you would come up with for X. I have to say I think the ex-husband was behind it.

  2. Ooh X done with panache! A palindrome, I loved it, Yolanda.

  3. I don`t know Xanax so no idea how it would affect someone. Seems a tad odd to me though.

  4. I remember hearing of this case; I'm thinking he was involved with it.


  5. If only Dr Wall had stuck to his day job, for he’s certainly not very good at murder! And I’m not very good at drug knowledge -- I think Xanax, downer, sleepy-bye! So most interesting the Review link.
    Miss A

  6. Another good post, and a drug I've never heard of, but then on either side of the pond we can have the same drug, but by another name.
    Would I use a drug to kill? In the right circumstances it might prove to be the weapon of choice. A little refresher of forensics would be useful first.


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