Friday, April 25, 2014


Murder by Vase
In September 2013, during an argument, Casie White hit her boyfriend Benjamin Craft in the head repeatedly with a vase, killing him. Casie confessed to the killing.

Then there's the case of The Vase of Death. Created during the 15th century this vase was made with 4 pounds of silver. When it was found in 1988, it also came with a warning "beware, this vase brings death"!

Auctioned off for $2,300 the owner died within 3 months. Sold three more times to different owners, each buyer died within several months of ownership. By this time the last family to inherit the vase just wanted rid of it and allowed the police to bury it – where - is unknown.

What do you think; can an inanimate object carry the curse of death?

I hope not because this is my favorite vase – it has "a murder of crows" perched on the fence - the perfect gift for a murder mystery writer!

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  1. Let's hope that wasn't a real expensive vase she used!


  2. There are many objects which have been considered unlucky to their owners. I think it is in the mind of the person and maybe just coincidence, but I wouldn't want to own such an item.

  3. Thank goodness that I don't really have any heavy ones around the house. Never thought of them as a likely weapon. But I do have a real heavy brass one back in India that would do double duty in a tight spot! :)
    Just catching up on all your posts here, amazing diversity in the choice of weapon, couldn't have imagined....

  4. Hey Yolanda,

    That first story is very similar to a plot on Coronation Street from a few years ago. Yeah, I know, what's Coronation Street.

    How do you pronounce "vase"? "Vace" or posh like me and say, "vawse".

    Have a restful weekend, Yolanda.

    Gary :)

  5. You surprised me here. I would have guessed you'd choose Viper. :D

  6. I don't go for the inanimate object being able to do anything by itself. There is always something deeper. It does however bring to mind the mysterious deaths surrounding Howard Carter and those who ventured into the tombs under the pyramids. There was no big curse - they basically breathed air that had been stagnant for a couple of thousand years.


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